Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I've been busy. I've read 2 books including the latest Harry Potter. Some parts I liked, some I thought needed some more attention. But it was a good book. I'm looking forward to seeing what else J.K. Rowling can come up with. Not that she needs to write one more word. She's set for life.
I've been appliqueing more of the circles for my Bountiful quilt that I started last year. My husband is soooo tired of seeing circles, he actually asked me to start something else. So I did. I now have the squares cut out to make a tote bag for a relative for Christmas.
I've stopped cross stitching for awhile. The Scarecrow Cutie that I started needs to be picked out. I realized I need to the follow the colored chart instead of a black & white copy I made. I missed all of the quarter stitches. I'm not thrilled with color of fabric I chose to stitch this on either so I may found a different color. In the mean time I did start a new cross stitch project, Virtue Baskets.
I haven't finished any of the projects that I finished stitching yet. They are next on the list. Hopefully this weekend I may get some done.

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